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Let me begin by extending Earth Day Best Wishes to all.    I decided to “drop by” my Word Press Corner with a “blast from the past” I picked up while working away at the Daily Outsider–an aspiration many of us @ordinaryfaces yearn for:

The Bush Letter




Out & About….

TEAMIt has been quite a week as I am writing this being supportive of the work at the Daily Outsider and assessing all that has been going on with key areas of interest including the Near East (also known as the Middle East) and Technology.      It was also Tax Week-although the IRS System went down right on Tax Day which was April 17 this year!!!

As Friday dawns here in Southern California, I thought this uplifting message courtesy of the team at Blanchard was timely about the need to be amazing–Enough Said!!!


“If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” –Dr. Maya Angelou It is so rewarding to coach clients who want to be amazing and who dare to rise! They are fully aware of their current reality of operating in the normal status quo and are now ready to […]

via 4 Ways to Rise to Be Amazing — Blanchard LeaderChat

This is also as it has been Earth Week and as there is the National Week of Conversation that I hope all participate in   Such conversations are needed ever more….




It has been quite a week in our World as I decided to feature this from one of my daily Must-Read’s for My Word Press Corner.     The President’s has been on a tear yet again in the aftermath of the FBI Raid on Michael Cohen and how Michael Cohen has said he will never turn on the President–and as we may be witness to a US attack in Syria.

Yesterday was also a day that saw Paul Ryan announcing that he’s retiring after the current term.     I personally wrote a Tweet wishing him well–even though I view his speaker ship as probably the worst Speaker ever.   He was a great Salesman that endowed us with trillion dollar deficits that would wreck havoc on ordinary faces.

In the meantime, There is the continued freak show that continues onward in the White House–as the President seems to be listening to the Fox News Pundits–he may also want to listen to Professor Turley…

Wishing all a great rest of the week…

in not living up to his Below is my column in The Hill newspaper on the greatest danger for President Donald Trump in the raids on his personal attorney’s office, home, and hotel room. Michael Cohen’s real threat may be as bait — either by design or default. It is the perfect Wolf Pit and Trump could prove the ultimate prize […]

via Mr. President, Beware Of The Wolf Trap — JONATHAN TURLEY


As I am writing this and as our team at the Daily Outsider geared up for its’ Easter Recess, I caught the live-cast of  the Stephan Clark Funeral from Sacramento as Rev. Al Sharpton delivered a touching and powerful eulogy.     Mr. Clark was a 22-Year African American Father of Two that was shot twenty times in the back by Sacramento Police Officers.    It was quite a tragedy and the Community is up in arms.  The California Attorney General will be investigating this.

Beyond the tragedy in Sacramento, there is the true tragedy in Washington which is the freak show that is the Trump Presidency.  It  continues with no end in sight–As the President has curiously stayed silent on this (and CNN; MSNBC have had a field day on it) but nothing on Fox News.    Our team released a snapshot during our last edition of “Notations” for the Quarter.    There is also the appointment of John Bolton as National Security Adviser–A Man who it turns out was underwritten by the Mercers as he also was a major cheerleader for bombing Iran.  I took to Twitter when he was appointed to call it a horrific appointment.   Robin Wright’s Essay in the New York Captured it all. 

But as I reflected upon the year,  No one but Professor Turley (who has always been on the side of the law and the Constitution) laid it out as he always does with this column as I book-End my thoughts here in my “Word Press Corner” for the Quarter.  I continue to remain hopeful despite the profound challenges.

Happy Easter Everyone!!!  Onward to the New Quarter….


President Donald Trump’s struggle with the Stormy Daniels scandal has become Washington’s version of A Streetcar Named Desire . . . without the gritty charm. Rather than shutdown this litigation over a sordid alleged affair, the President has been left looking like Stanley Kowalski declaring to Blanche DuBois that he has “a lawyer acquaintance” who […]

via The “Lawyer Acquaintance”: How Fifty-Six Words May Have Just Sunk Trump and Cohen In The Daniels Litigation — JONATHAN TURLEY

download-2Such selfless souls make our World a better place and I bow in respect for his courage and sacrifice.   Our team at the Daily Outsider first learnt of this selfless soul’s sacrifice as it actually occurred during the terrorism incident last week in France.  I am thankful to Professor Turley for having shared his sacrifice.   Our team joined in expressing profound sorrow to his family and the people of France.   Professor Turley noted this in his blog over the w-end and it is a fitting way to share this as my “Thought For the Week” on the eve of this final week of March: 

The world lost a hero this week whose sacrifice should be an inspiration to everyone fighting extremism and terrorism. Col. Arnaud Beltrame put his gun down and traded himself as a hostage to allow a female witness to walk free from Islamic terrorist Redouane Lakdim, 26. Lakdim then proceeded to shoot him and Beltrame later died […]

via The True Heart and True Hero: Col. Arnaud Beltrame — JONATHAN TURLEY

On this #Spring2018, As a new week dawns, I wanted to “break the ice” w/this thanks to John Maxwell as I wish all a fabulous Week:

Source: We see things as WE are, not as they are!

NowrozIt has been a very challenging week on a personal note as I joined our family as we bid farewell to my Aunt while fighting off one of the worst flu’s I have had in a very long time.    I finished a tribute to her in my Founder’s Corner.   As I caught on business for the day (and was briefly supportive of the team at the Daily Outsider), what I picked up courtesy of Professor Turley was quite a culmination of the week as the soap opera that is now on-going in Washington in the aftermath of the Rex Tillerson Firing (and what he did during his year is also going to be a focus of study for years).

Earlier, I released this Virtual “Haft-seen” to my Facebook & Twitter Personal Profiles.  I have tried to do that for a number of years–this is a tradition that goes back some 6,000 years as the people’s of Iran (including Kurds; Azeris, Turks, Baluchis); Tajiks and Afghans of all stripes) gear up for the first day of Spring where it signifies renewal and a sense of purpose and hope for the future.   Every single “S” reflects a tribute to nature, a tribute to hope and renewal==as I take a few days to continue to begin  planning for the new quarter as I leave all w/this opening thoughts from Professor Turley’s column–Happy Spring:

This  evening, I discussed why I thought Attorney General Jeff Sessions would fire Andrew McCabe. Now that has come to pass in a late night announcement that McCabe has been terminated just 24 hours before his retirement (and eligibility for a pension).

via Sessions Fires McCabe — JONATHAN TURLEY

Thought 4 the Week

Some “Food 4 thought” as a new week dawns which I hope all enjoy…..

Insufficient Funds—Maybe you’ve had that awkward experience when you’ve reviewed your bank account statement and discovered you made a purchase but didn’t actually have enough money in your account to cover it. Most likely you had overdraft protection on your account. That’s where the bank will advance you the money, allow the payment to be processed, […]

via The 1 Thing That Provides “Overdraft” Protection for Your Relationship Bank Accounts — Leading with Trust

Out & About…

It has been quite a week and quite a month as the team at the Daily Outsider was busy w/curation efforts.  I decided to be a bit “different” as I captured this courtesy of the team at the Economist of London.    The idea of drive less cars is a reality–and we must accept it.  The question is whether we will or not?

It is witness to such, though, that continues to sustain my sense of hope: