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A Profound Thought….

We in America have been dealing with how to think about a post-racial World & a Post-COVID World. I decided to revisit this and share it here in my WordPress Corner.

The simple and powerful words resonates is ever so now–There should be no small thinking and horrible ideas. I know that #WeShallOvercome. We have got to.

It has been quite a month and quite a year in our World.     I ran across a blast from the past which I wanted to share here in my WordPress corner–this was a film by the Iranian Actress and Producer Nikki Karimi–the scenes captured here are from my old school In Iran–it brought back a lot of great memories on this Fathers’ Day 2020–and the class in which the classroom was taken I believe was where I had my class–wow!!!  Here is the link to the whole Movie: 

I also achieved a milestone today–Thank you WordPress for giving this ordinary face an opportunity to be part of the Community and doing what I can to make a difference:

12 Year Anniversary Achievement

Happy Anniversary with!

You registered on 12 years ago.Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

By Howard Zinn • Boston Globe • June 2, 1976 Memorial Day will be celebrated as usual, by high-speed collisions of automobiles and bodies strewn on highways and the sound of ambulance sirens throughout the land. It will also be celebrated by the display of flags, the sound of bugles and drums, by parades and speeches and unthinking applause. It will be celebrated by giant corporations, which make guns, bombs, fighter planes, aircraft carriers and an endless assortment of military junk and which await the $100 billion in contracts to be approved soon by Congress and the President. There was a young woman in New Hampshire who refused to allow her husband, killed in Vietnam, to be given a military burial. She rejected the hollow ceremony ordered by those who sent him and 50,000 others to their deaths. Her courage should be cherished on Memorial Day.

Source: Whom Will We Honor Memorial Day? |

More than half a billion Facebook user’s personal information was leaked, including names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Find out if your data was compromised.

Source: How to Tell if Your Facebook Information Was Leaked

For my Month-End here in my personal WordPress Corner, here is a great snapshot courtesy the UC Davis Health Team:

Infectious disease experts explain what to do before and after you get a COVID-19 vaccine, what reactions to expect, when to get your second dose, and what to do if you’ve had the disease.

Source: Reactions, immunity, pregnancy and more: Answers for when you get the COVID-19 vaccine

2020 is coming to a close. I decided to feature, for my final closing #RandomThoughts here in my WordPress Corner, was to feature the latest notation from the historian Heather Cox Richardson about the continued chaos in Washington and the total disregard by the Republicans about the calamity facing the United States right now as thousands continue to die, Russia has waged cyber war on the United States, hunger and suffering is prevalent as the President and Vice President of the United States stay silent. The Vice President, though, announced that the members of the Space Force will be know as Guardians.

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday–as I implore all to please #WearAMask to save a life–even though the Pfizer and Modera vaccines are starting to ship, we must be vigilant.

2021 is before us–Onward!!!

A Brief #RandomThought

As a new month is at hand, I decided to capture a “blast from the past” as this was quite day in the history of America–it is about an appreciation for the past as the best is yet to come….As S35 Years Ago: STS-41D – First Flight of Space Shuttle Discovery

Source: 35 Years Ago: STS-41D – First Flight of Space Shuttle Discovery

Late last night, I released two notations on #election2020 as I wanted to “close out” my thoughts in my Word Press Corner for August 2020 with this simple word–My Word is Free–how we through our free choice and the right to vote will determine our future. This beautiful song by EMEL that was the iconic theme song of the Tunisian Revolution said it all.


Source: Public Display – Official Voter Information Guide | California Secretary of State

Absentee Voting Information for U.S. Citizens Abroad

Source: U.S. Department of State |

While Out & About…

I normally refrain from updates here in my Personal WordPress Corner–but these are not ordinary times.

America just went past 5,000,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of last night–President Trump signed off on 4 Executive Orders which at best have a dubious legal standing–although many have said the Democrats overplayed their hands. One voice I always listen to to get a true sense of the reality is Marc Cooper, a perceptive long-time observer of the Political Scene. As I was finishing off these thoughts, I saw President Trump’s Campaign fundraising off this.

Profound challenging times…

As I write this, people have taken to the street in Beirut. Yes these names must be remembered–because they died through no fault of their own–and yes the current cabale in charge in Lebanon must be swept out–I know Lebanon will rise again like the Phoenix–but truly enough is enough–and what really riled me up was Hassan Nassrallah and the image Nizar Zakah posted–that says it all.

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

Look at their faces.

Say their names.

Think of their grieving mothers and fathers, their fatherless or motherless sons and daughters, their partner-less wives and husbands.

And be angry.

These are victims. These are people whose only fault was to be in a country whose criminals are in charge, whose politicians are so evil they don’t care about any of their lives.

Look at the names that are still unknown, whose families are still looking for them, hoping for life, and be angry.

Their death was preventable. Their lives getting cut short this way was not inevitable. The government must pay for its crimes.

1 Alexandra Najjar (3 years old)

2 Abdel Kader Bloso

3 Abdo Tanious Ata

4 Ahmad Mohammad Ameira

5 Ahmad Ibrahim Kaadan

6 Ali Abdo Ayoub

7 Ali Hussein Zeineddine

8 Ali Ismail El Sayed Chahata

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