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San Francisco activists call for the impeachment of Donald Trump.
 San Francisco activists call for the impeachment of Donald Trump. Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It has been an interesting second week of 2018 as the President was again busy calling countries, “Shitholes” (which he says he did not say), threatened to torpedo the Iran Deal (even though the World says don’t do it and Iran said forget it) and has begun the process of dismantling Medicaid.    As activists agitate (exemplified by the image above by the Guardian), what I found interesting was Corey Robin’s analysis which is quite extra ordinary as we see what 2018 has in store especially as we have the challenge of the Dreamers, and a Government Shutdown.

Happy #MLKDay :

“As soon as Trump became a serious contender for the presidency, journalists and historians began analogizing him to Hitler. Even the formulator of Godwin’s Law, which was meant to put a check on the reductio ad Hitlerum, said: ‘Go ahead and refer to Hitler when you talk about Trump.’ After Trump’s election, the comparisons mounted, for understandable reasons. “But as we…

via Trump’s power is shakier than American democracy — Corey Robin


I have always enjoyed Professor Turley’s Perspective although as I am sure he knows based on my periodic visits that I have had my disagreements.   This one, in my view, is one of his best as he underscores how he notes that Mr. Manafort Should relax because it is “Washington” …

Please enjoy!!!

Below is my column in the Hill newspaper on the filing by Paul Manafort challenging the scope of the Special Counsel investigation. Manafort’s filing of a civil action is quite telling in this circumstance. As a criminal defendant, he can challenge the basis for the charges. This seems like an effort to make a public […]

via Welcome To China Town: Manafort Challenge The Scope of the Special Counsel investigation — JONATHAN TURLEY

A new year is at hand–and it has been quite a year already.   As I was “virtually pounding the pavement”, I saw this that had some very interesting and enlightening questions that is key for us all to reflect upon especially as profound challenges abound in our World–from Iran (that just banned English from primary school), The Environment (with Cyclones, cold weather in the East Coast of the United States.   One Phrase was profound as I hope all enjoy this latest gem from Randy Crowley: “…  leadership is a noble calling….”

Here we are, one week into the new year. Many people are emerging from their holiday cocoons to re-engage with the real world, now that it’s time to head back to work, school, and the routine of life. But before you hop back on that hamster wheel, why not take some time to consider who […]

via Who Do You Choose To Be In 2018? 6 Areas to Examine — Leading with Trust

It has been quite a poignant scene as three members of Congress resigned in the aftermath of revelations of misconduct.   Ted Franks, the Congressman from Arizona, offered $ 5 Million to someone to carry his child–and this from a guy who was an ardent conservative.

What Corey Robin noted in his latest blog post was poignant enough for me to choose to feature this here in my “WordPress Corner” because it is just absolutely abhorrent.    This is also as former Congressman Harold Ford Jr. was fired from Morgan Stanley after a complaint from a Journalist that he denied–We will emerge stronger ever more because of this…..

Prominent libertarian jurist Alex Kozinski has been accused of sexual harassment by six women, all of them former clerks or employees. One of the women is Heidi Bond. In a statement, Bond gives a fuller description of Judge Kozinski’s rule, sexual and non-sexual, in the workplace. One day, my judge found out I had been…

via When Libertarian Judges Rule — Corey Robin

The team at The Daily Outsider has been busy as it has been working away .  I just got to know this organization that represents 2,000 Rabbis in the US and Canada that supports the two State Solution and came out in opposition to the decision by President Trump when he spoke yesterday.

Here is a “Snapshot” as I also saw that Vladimir Putin will run again for the Russian Presidency….

Interesting times….

the T’ruah is an organization of rabbis from all streams of Judaism that acts on the Jewish imperative to respect and protect the human rights of all people. Grounded in Torah and our Jewish historical experience and guided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we advocate for human rights in Israel and North America.

Source: T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights

Captain Charles A. May’s squadron of the 2nd Dragoons slashes through the Mexican Army lines. Resaca de la Palma, Texas, May 9, 1846

While “on the prowl” working away w/commitments to the Daily Outsider & Other Projects, I decided to “digress a bit” to take a more historical focus thanks to the team at DelanceyPlace w/this from President Grant.   This is kind of timely especially as the new Grant Biography has come out which I have it on my Reading List for Q1 2018.

Happy Holidays…enjoy!!

Today’s selection — from the Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant. In 1845, the U.S. annexed the Republic of Texas. Mexico considered the land at the southern edge of Texas, the land between the Rio Grande River and the…

Source: how to start a war — 12/05/17

A new week and a new month has begun.     As the implications of the Flynn plea continues to work its’ way through (and the Daily Outsider team worked on a Notation Column that would be available), I picked this up that underscores some of the profound challenges by the Reality TV Show that is the Trump Administration.

It will be certainly be challenging as I note this……

Below is my column on the Flynn plea agreement and its potential significance to the Russian investigation. One development is that President Donald Trump is now denying that he ever told Director James Comey to let Flynn go. This follows a highly damaging tweet that a Trump lawyer now says was his sloppy mistake. It […]

via The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Of The Flynn Plea — JONATHAN TURLEY

On the Prowl…..


I just picked this up on General Flynn.   As I read this, I ran across this from Keith Olbermann (as he foresaw some of the very things we are faced with now especially with the Tax Cuts ) as he finished his final piece for GQ over Twitter–scary times:




Since the appointment of the Special Counsel in the Russian investigation, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has been the most obvious target for not simply a criminal charge but a possible prosecutorial deal. The news that Flynn is no longer sharing information under the prior joint defense agreement with Trump figures could prove significant […]

via Flipping Flynn: The Real and Imagined Damage For A Mueller Deal — JONATHAN TURLEY

I have been spending some “think hour” assessing how things have been throughout November–as I also have been working away tending to commitments at The Daily Outsider.   

The President went after CNN yet again–which was extremely worrisome.  What I saw courtesy of David Jolly, the former Congressman from Florida, was quite a read:

Corey Robin’s reflections on his Princeton Classmate is interesting to give some “sense” of what is happening as we await the “other shoe” to drop….

Onward to December as I hope all enjoy:
I wrote Robert Kelner, the attorney for Former-National-Security-Advisor-For-A-Day Michael Flynn, just notified Trump’s people that Flynn will no longer be discussing Mueller’s investigation with them. People are taking this as a sign that Flynn is ready to cooperate with Mueller and tell all. I hadn’t heard or thought of the name Robert Kelner in over 25 years.…

via Trump and the Princeton Tory — Corey Robin


It has been quite a week already as we’re in this thanksgiving week here in the United States.    I picked up this from Professor Turley that truly captures the essence of our times especially in light of what happened with Charlie Rose (fired by CBS & PBS) & Congressman John Conyers, the Dean of the House.

President Trump, after two weeks, came down in support of Roy Moore just because they want the votes for an agenda that is essentially stalled.     I have repeatedly called Roy Moore, America’s Ayatollah, and his self-professed claims of morality and Christianity especially after the allegations is simply hypocritical.    It will be interesting to see how the people of Alabama react.

Happy Thanksgiving to all….onward to December with all its’ possibilities…

Below is my column in the Hill newspaper on the ever-increasing list of politicians and celebrities accused of sexual assault or harassment. The latest news cycle has brought more instances of strategic belief or non-belief. President Donald Trump indicated that it was better to elect Roy Moore over a liberal to guarantee a majority in […]