Working away at as I picked this up–once again quite perceptive especially as indeed faith-based politics continues to be dominant especially by the likes of leading lights in the Conservative Movement in the United States including Erick Erickson (who had an interesting column out in his Resurgent Site this morning) and others……


socrates-1There is an interesting study out this week by two University of Kentucky researchers that the number of atheists may be twice as large as previously estimated.  The number may be closer to 26 percent — an fascinating prospect given the politics surrounding faith-based initiatives and policies.  As I have previously discussed, both parties have courted the religious vote and largely ignored the sizable number of Americans who are either agnostic or atheist.  That number may be finally reaching a political tipping point for office holders to heed their preferences for secular government and the separation of church and state.  We have previously discussed studies indicating that one out of four Americans may not believe in God. This study would seem to support those earlier estimates.

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