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Below is my column in USA Today on the profane and shocking statements by the new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. The staements were later defended as “an Italian thing.” The suggestion was that this was just a form of Italian venting. It was not. First, as someone raised in a Sicilian family, I […]

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July 2017 is coming to an End.    It was gratifying to see this courtesy of Professor Turley that underscores the profound challenges the Trump Administration  has has to deal with.  The question is whether the New Month will be any different as a new Chief of Staff takes over.    What happens in Washington Matters to us all.



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Below is my column in the Washington Post on the controversy over the possible use of pardon authority by President Donald Trump to protect his family and aides involved in the Russian investigation. Trump’s tweet reference to his “complete power to pardon” fueled rumors that he is considering pardons, including a possible self-pardon.

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In light of the profound challenges we’ve been witness to throughout the World, I wanted to again begin the new week on a strong & vibrant note as I saw this which is a pleasure to share–onward 2 the new week with all its’ possiblities!!

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It has been quite a week as the chaos that is the Trump Administration continues to be making headlines–epitomized by the debate over the President Self-pardoning himself. It has sparked quite a debate in legal circles and Professor Turley took to the Washington Post to basically say there is nothing that prohibits the President from Self-Pardoning.

Every conceivable  norm is being broken…

This weekend my column on the Trump pardon controversy ran in the Washington Post. Notably, while the article did not say conclusively that a President can issue a self-pardon, the title (which authors do not approve) said that he could. As I have stated in the press, I consider this one of the most difficult questions […]

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As Donald Trump begins his 7th Month in Office, this interesting and provocative take on the future is interesting read:

One of the interesting things about the great realignment elections—1860, 1932, 1980—is that the presidents who win them (Lincoln, FDR, Reagan) never run simply against the losing candidate. Nor do they run simply against the party of that candidate. They run against a decades-long regime, which is never simply a party or political regime, but…

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Some “Food 4 thought”
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An example for us all!!

Source: Liu Xiaobo – Statement: I Have No Enemies: My Final Statement

One of the most perceptive analysts of the Middle  East is Ellie Faras.    His view on the current predicament on Lebanon is quite a read especially as the Middle East continues the challenge before it dealing with the aftermath of Daesh Defeats in Iraq and Syria.  Although Daesh (known as ISIS/ISIL in the west)  is defeated in Mosul, the fight is not over yet by any means:

Tensions in Lebanon are at an all-time high as political rhetoric against the refugees seems to have found its way to a union the like of which we haven’t seen before, bolstered by public support that’s near-unanimous, fueled by pro-Army rhetoric that’s become so intense it’s bordering on worrying. The Lebanese Army has been engaged […]

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One of the most reasoned and rational analysis I saw as we continue to be witness to dysfunction at the highest level of Government right now…..


Eric Trump once dismissed objections to his father’s use of nepotism by saying that “nepotism is kind of a fact of life.” That is true. It is also a part of presidential history, but it is not a good part. I have long been a critic of nepotism in government. What is interesting is how […]

via Familial Ties and Political Triage: The Russian Meeting Highlights The True Cost Of Nepotism — JONATHAN TURLEY

Caveat Emptor…..

While on the Prowl on commitments for the Daily Outsider, I wanted to share this w/all courtesy of US-CERT as the IRS launches a new campaign to target phishing: