One of the most perceptive analysts of the Middle  East is Ellie Faras.    His view on the current predicament on Lebanon is quite a read especially as the Middle East continues the challenge before it dealing with the aftermath of Daesh Defeats in Iraq and Syria.  Although Daesh (known as ISIS/ISIL in the west)  is defeated in Mosul, the fight is not over yet by any means:

Tensions in Lebanon are at an all-time high as political rhetoric against the refugees seems to have found its way to a union the like of which we haven’t seen before, bolstered by public support that’s near-unanimous, fueled by pro-Army rhetoric that’s become so intense it’s bordering on worrying. The Lebanese Army has been engaged […]

via Lebanon’s Government Is Using Syrian Refugees and Fear To Kill Democracy and Pass Its Agenda — A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares