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I have been working away as I saw this implications on President Trump’s attack on the Media–he does not seem to realize his attacks as underscored by what the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights head Zeid said Trump’s comments embolden followers to attack certain communities

Source: Freedom of the press under attack from Trump: UN rights boss


Source: 12 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently

For this week’s “Thought 4 the week” here in my “Corner”, I decided to choose to feature an Iranian Opposition Figure–Mehdi Khazali. He is the son of a prominent Ayatollah who was one of the key stalwarts of the early years of the Iranian Revolution of 1979. He was detained after he had the courage to criticize Iran’s Judiciary by underscoring how inept and unjust the Justice System is–as he has also repeatedly criticized the corruption of the head of the Judiciary, Sadegh Larijani

This write-up from Dr. Khazali’s Instagram account (In Farsi) was written by his family. He has been in detention and went on a hunger strike–this is as his daughter got married and he was not there. I wanted to do my small part to help make sure that the valiant struggle of this soldier for truth and justice’s voice is heard:

. جان پدرمان در خطر است امروز دوازده روز است پدر در بازداشت بسر ميبرد ، دوازده روز است كه لب به آب و غذا نزده ، دوازده روز است كه خانواده ما در التهاب است. ديشب در عروسي ، نو عروس خانه ما مدام منتظر بود كه درب بازشود وپدر را بياورند تا دخترش را در لباس عروس ببيند. و اين انتظار سرانجامي نداشت و با گذشت زمان اميدمان كمتر ميشد ولي باورمان نميشد. پدر را از ديدن نو عروسش محروم كردند و عروس را از ديدار پدرش، نميدانيم مسئول كيست؟! اما ايا خودتان فرزند نداريد؟ شوق ديدن فرزندتان را در لباس عروس يا داماد نداريد؟ بنا نداشتيم نامه اي بنويسيم اما حق تعالي ميفرمايد: لا يحب الله الجهر بالسوء الا من ظلم بله ، خانواده ما مظلوم واقع شد،نه تنها پدرمان! پدرمان با در دست گرفتن جانش از همه چيزش گذشته است و ما هر لحظه با خود هزار فكر و خيال ميكنيم. ١٢ روز نخوردن و نياشاميدن يعني خطر هر لحظه سكته قلبي يا مغزي كردن،هر لحظه در كما رفتن. يعني هر لحظه احتمال از دست رفتن پدر! طبق گفته وكيل ايشان مدت محكوميت به پايان رسيده است و طبعا بازداشت ايشان غير قانوني است. از طرفي خبر هاي خوبي به گوشمان نميرسد. ايشان را در انفرادي نگه داشته اند! اگر اتفاقي براي ايشان رخ دهد ٤ دقيقه فرصت احيا وجود دارد اما به دليل انفرادي بودن كسي متوجه اتفاق نميشود،اگر هم شوند چندان فايده اي ندارد هيچ گونه تجهيزات پزشكي موجود نيست خانواده ما در هر لحظه فكر پدر است و اينكه اگر خداي ناكرده اتفاقي بيوفتد چه كسي مسئول است؟ حضرات آيات ، مراجع تقليد ، رهبري نظام، سران سه قوه، مسئولين كشور!جان پدرمان در خطر است. هر كس فرياد تظلم مارا بشنود و سكوت كند حجت بر او تمام شده است. ما خون پدرمان را نه معامله ميكنيم و نه پايمال و ما علينا الا البلاغ و عليه التكلان خانواده دكتر مهدي خزعلي

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One of my must-reads is Professor Turley’s Blog.   I periodically share my thoughts as I did tonight on what he wrote in the aftermath of the President’s Phoenix Speech earlier this week.   It is critical to preserve the Constitional Protections–but one has to realize that with rights–comes responsiblities.

As I hope all enjoy and think about what Professor Turley noted, I also wanted to share this compilation of thoughts courtesy of the team at Jonathan Lockwood Huie:

 About most subjects, there is not “The Truth.”
There is merely one’s personal truth.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

The problem with making assumptions
is that we believe they are the truth
– don Miguel Ruiz

The more opinions you have, the less you see.
– Wim Wenders

Examine, inquire. Look into the nature of things. Search out the grounds of your opinions, the for and against. Know why you believe, understand what you believe,
and possess a reason for the faith that is in you. – Frances Wright

People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it. Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow.
– 1997 Movie (Comedy => to be taken lightly) Men In Black

Here are the “opening thoughts”

Below is my column in the Hill Newspaper on the call from both the right and the left for protesters to be declared domestic terrorists. With rising anger over protests and counter protests, politicians are rushing to join calls for the government to not simply investigate these groups for hate speech but actually terrorism. Here […]

via Making Terror “The Order Of The Day”: Charlottesville Leads To Call For Opposing Groups To Be Declared Terrorists — JONATHAN TURLEY

Shared some thoughts on the Eclipse Yesterday that the City of Laguna Niguel Was gracious enough to share with the Community:

This was an interesting piece in a string of interesting pieces by Corey Robin.  Whether the implosion of the GOP happens or not remains to be seen–but still an interesting argument to think about

I have a piece in The Guardian on the meaning of Steve Bannon’s departure from the White House: Once upon a time, conservatives plotted a path that began with the magazines and ended in the White House. With Steve Bannon’s departure from the Trump administration on Friday to head the Breitbart News Network, we seem to…

via From Buckley to Bannon: Whither the Scribbler Scrapper of the Right — Corey Robin

As a new week dawns, I wanted to begin the new week with this I picked up courtesy of Randy that is as ever insightful not just in our professional, but personal lives as well–that’s why I tagged it as a “Tip of the Week”…Please enjoy and Happy #Eclipe2017!!

Feeling like a shadow of your former self? Is there a lack of emotional connection in your relationships? Do you find others not sharing important information with you or excluding you from activities? If so, you might be suffering from Low T. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Millions of well-intentioned leaders experience Low T at […]

via 4 Ways Leaders Can Overcome Low T (btw, it’s not just a male problem) — Leading with Trust

Any death is a tragedy–it is even more of a tragedy as Police Officers fall in the Line of Duty.    I have always tried to be upbeat–despite some of the notations I have done here in my “Corner at WordPress”, my personal blog and as I have supported the work of the Daily Outsider.   He’s right–such must stop!!!  As I noted in a note to my own City’s Policy Chief when I saw this, all I could say is this:  May the Almighty protect them all…..

I turned on the news only to watch as more officers were targeted by violence. Yet again, we find ourselves sending thoughts and prayers to those in the law enforcement profession and their families. In just a few short hours in the U.S. one officer has been killed and another five wounded. At least […]

via Statement of IACP President Donald W. De Lucca on Recent Shootings of Police — IACP Blog

Random Thoughts…..

It is quite a week already with this from Steve Bannon about how unhinged the Trump Presidency has become–I was working away in support of The Daily Outsider as the team has been assessing the long-term as I saw this–Bill Kristol said Bannon will be fired–BUT then if he is, Briebart will go nuclear.    Axios, the Startup Media outfit, caught this as well available by linking here as I also caught highlights on MSNBC too. 

As I was working away, I also picked up a New York Times article about the President’s Lawyer forwarding an email regarding General Lee and equating it with President Washington.    I found it quite remarkable that the 4 Service Chiefs had to address racism which I retweeted–and although I may have lost a few Tweeter Followers, As a member of @ordinaryfaces, I will do my part.

Quite a week…and can’t help but wonder when this ‘Freak Show” will end–and how as I noted in my Virtual Corner on when will our generation’s Joseph E. Welch will stand up?   This is as Business Abandoned the President as well.    America is being tested right now–and I am with Jonathan Alter that leaders have to make a decision–including Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and yes, Members of the House Freedom Caucus.

Here is the article from the American Prospect:

Trump’s embattled strategist phones me, unbidden, to opine on China, Korea, and his enemies in the administration.

Source: Steve Bannon, Unrepentant

Between Venezuela, North Korea, what happened in Virginia and the latest profound challenges on the Climate Change Front, we are living in very very scary times.  This insightful analysis brings some perspective to bear that I thought was quite timely for this edition of “Thought 4 the Week”!!

“….Uncertainty is scary. The unknown is scary. Leaders will always face uncertainty and the future will always be unknown. A company team I worked with recently has some pretty big anticipated hurdles coming up in about a year. The height of the hurdles is not clear, nor if there will be ground to land on […]

via 4 Strategies for Leading in Uncertain Times — Leading with Trust