As I have written before in my “Corner” here in “Word Press World”, I am a fan of Professor @JonathanTurley.    I admittedly have had reservations I have expressed when I have shared with him–but his views have been enlightening and educational–and the reactions I have had to my comments have been fun to participate in.  I look forward to further engagements during the 4th Quarter and beyond.

Mrs Clinton has been yet again in the headlines as she has been making the rounds promoting her new 500-Page Book–What Happened?   The punditry has been at it–despite all the reservations, as I finished off these thoughts, it was No. 1 at Amazon.      What Professor Turley wrote earlier tonight in his blog is a very fun way to “book-end” my comments as I go “dark” here in my corner for the balance of the Quarter as I say…Onward to the new Quarter with all its’ possibilities!!!

As a Game of Thrones fan, I was surprised to hear that Hillary Clinton viewed herself as one of the main characters in the series. I assumed that the character would be such tough women as the Dragon Queen and “Breaker of Chains” Daenerys Targaryen or perhaps the fierce warrior Brienne of Tarth. Instead, Clinton picked the one […]

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