As the team at the Daily Outsider had gone dark, It gave me a chance also to reflect as we all gear up for the 4th Quarter.     What happened in Puerto Rico prompted the team to break the sabatical to report on Government Resources as the People of Puerto Rico continue to suffer–this is as the team continued its’ efforts with its’ daily updates on Twitter & weeklys on Facebook.   I was also working away–and decided to share this as the issue of Trust is ever so critical here and now in light of Hurricane Maria, the challenges ensued by the President’s continued culture war and the efforts at Taxes which all indications are will benefit the top 1% and will potentially see an increase in Taxes for the Middle Class.   Some interesting thoughts to fully “Book-End” The quarter which I hope all enjoy thanks to @Randy Crowley:

Building trust in the workplace is much like growing plants in a garden; you have to sow the seeds. If you don’t sow it, you can’t grow it. It doesn’t matter how rich the soil is in your garden, how much sunlight it receives, or how often you water, if you don’t sow the seeds, you […]

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