For my weekly “on the prowl” here in my corner on WordPress, this is as good a one as I have seen on the indictment and the backward mentality prevalent in the Middle East.  Israel is not the issue–What Lebanon failed to understand is the message and the vibrancy of Free Speech that is at the heart of how Institutions here in the United States have survived the onslaught by Donald Trump.

Please enjoy as the opening paragraph in and of itself is perceptive enough:

At the rate Lebanon’s censorship bureau has been going for the past year, the country might as well have rang in 1918 instead of 2018, because the situation has become unacceptable. The latest victim of a censorship bureau that doesn’t want to upset what’s becoming a form of cultural terrorism in the country is Steven […]

via Lebanon Bans Steven Spielberg’s “The Post” Because Of His Support of Israel, Proving The Country Is Run By Stone Age Airheads — A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares