download-2Such selfless souls make our World a better place and I bow in respect for his courage and sacrifice.   Our team at the Daily Outsider first learnt of this selfless soul’s sacrifice as it actually occurred during the terrorism incident last week in France.  I am thankful to Professor Turley for having shared his sacrifice.   Our team joined in expressing profound sorrow to his family and the people of France.   Professor Turley noted this in his blog over the w-end and it is a fitting way to share this as my “Thought For the Week” on the eve of this final week of March: 

The world lost a hero this week whose sacrifice should be an inspiration to everyone fighting extremism and terrorism. Col. Arnaud Beltrame put his gun down and traded himself as a hostage to allow a female witness to walk free from Islamic terrorist Redouane Lakdim, 26. Lakdim then proceeded to shoot him and Beltrame later died […]

via The True Heart and True Hero: Col. Arnaud Beltrame — JONATHAN TURLEY