TEAMIt has been quite a week as I am writing this being supportive of the work at the Daily Outsider and assessing all that has been going on with key areas of interest including the Near East (also known as the Middle East) and Technology.      It was also Tax Week-although the IRS System went down right on Tax Day which was April 17 this year!!!

As Friday dawns here in Southern California, I thought this uplifting message courtesy of the team at Blanchard was timely about the need to be amazing–Enough Said!!!


“If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” –Dr. Maya Angelou It is so rewarding to coach clients who want to be amazing and who dare to rise! They are fully aware of their current reality of operating in the normal status quo and are now ready to […]

via 4 Ways to Rise to Be Amazing — Blanchard LeaderChat

This is also as it has been Earth Week and as there is the National Week of Conversation that I hope all participate in   Such conversations are needed ever more….