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It has been quite a week–and that’s putting it mildly as I was knee-deep in supporting the Work of the Daily Outsider & Other Projects.   It is bound to be quite a summer as well.

There has been a frenzy of analysis over the retirement of Justice Kennedy–and for the record, his record is almost 90% conservative–and yes he’s the least of the Reagan Appointees.    There are a lot of political give-and-takes as all sides gear up.     The retiring Justice himself noted it as such:  The Cases “Turn”…I don’t!!

Professor Turley was busy like many other pundits reflecting upon this as he noted this about embracing the ideals–something that Justice Kennedy himself noted in the closing concurring opinion upholding the Travel Ban.    I am with Professor Turley that the disgraceful Korematsu decision was finally relegated to the dustbin of history–but the travel ban though is in and of itself another legacy that the Court may have to contend with especially as it continues to tilt towards the Right both at the Supreme Court and as the President continues busily filling judgeships–interesting times indeed as June 2018 drifts away and July is before us.

Wishing all in the US a safe & happy 4th as I leave you all w/this from Professor Turley….

–For decades, law professors have discussed the 1944 decision in Korematsu v. United States as one of the most disgraceful and indefensible opinions ever issued by the United States Supreme Court. Yet, the Court has continued to cite Korematsu and has never expressly disavowed its denial of basic constitutional rights to Japanese Americans. In a virtual […]

via The Long Overdue Death of Korematsu v. United States — JONATHAN TURLEY

Want to Be Successful? Do These 7 Things in Your Spare TimeOn this final week of June, please enjoy this simple advise…Onward to July!!!

Source: Want to Be Successful? Do These 7 Things in Your Spare Time

Megacities Shortdocs

For this week in my “WordPress Corner” I thought I’d do something a tad different I ran across this courtsey of the team  IJNet for all who live in  megacities–the folks at @MegaCities ShortDocs  are looking for a 4 Minute presentation–the winner will get a trip to Prize and a reasonable stipend to enjoy Paris…

Here is the “opening” by IJNet

Professional and amateur documentarians who live in one of 38 megacities around the world are invited to submit a 4-minute video on urban challenges and solutions.

Source: Megacities Shortdocs accepting entries [Worldwide]

Charles-Krauthammer-interviewIt has been quite a weekend as Donald Trump has continued his wrecking of the World Order culminating in attacking long-standing US Allies.     This is why I join many in lamenting this very sad news as Charles Krauthammer has said that he has a few weeks to live.    Despite my profound disagreements with him over the years, he had the courage to stand up to Donald Trump.   He’s in my Thoughts & Prayers as I am proud to call him one of the courageous conservatives I have worked to honor including Max Boot, Charlie Sykes & a Few Others.    I also appreciate Professor Turley’s thoughtful tribute to him that I have the pleasure to share for my weekly notation

This week, the political and journalistic world was rocked by the news that columnist Charles Krauthammer had only weeks to live. The news came from Charles himself in a characteristically elegant and simple goodbye. I have been personally devastated by the news. I have known Charles for many years and there are few people who […]

via Charles Krauthammer Says A Final Goodbye — JONATHAN TURLEY

It has been a busy first week of June as I have been busy w/commitments at the Daily Outsider and other projects.  It was also a privilege to be witness to Democracy and the implications of Primary Day on Tuesday for the General Elections.

For this weekly here in my WordPress Corner, I decided to feature the latest out of the Palestine Chronicles with a number of very perceptive articles on the plight of Palestine.    Razan al-Najjar, that Angel of Mercy, became the latest victim as she was killed by an Israeli Bullet despite having had her hands up.     A realization of simple basic rights is not just possible by many around the World–there lies the profound tragedy of Palestine that the World seems not to want to listen.

Challenging times…May the soul of this beautiful Angel of Mercy Rest in Peace: