It has been quite a week–and that’s putting it mildly as I was knee-deep in supporting the Work of the Daily Outsider & Other Projects.   It is bound to be quite a summer as well.

There has been a frenzy of analysis over the retirement of Justice Kennedy–and for the record, his record is almost 90% conservative–and yes he’s the least of the Reagan Appointees.    There are a lot of political give-and-takes as all sides gear up.     The retiring Justice himself noted it as such:  The Cases “Turn”…I don’t!!

Professor Turley was busy like many other pundits reflecting upon this as he noted this about embracing the ideals–something that Justice Kennedy himself noted in the closing concurring opinion upholding the Travel Ban.    I am with Professor Turley that the disgraceful Korematsu decision was finally relegated to the dustbin of history–but the travel ban though is in and of itself another legacy that the Court may have to contend with especially as it continues to tilt towards the Right both at the Supreme Court and as the President continues busily filling judgeships–interesting times indeed as June 2018 drifts away and July is before us.

Wishing all in the US a safe & happy 4th as I leave you all w/this from Professor Turley….

–For decades, law professors have discussed the 1944 decision in Korematsu v. United States as one of the most disgraceful and indefensible opinions ever issued by the United States Supreme Court. Yet, the Court has continued to cite Korematsu and has never expressly disavowed its denial of basic constitutional rights to Japanese Americans. In a virtual […]

via The Long Overdue Death of Korematsu v. United States — JONATHAN TURLEY