It has been quite a week in our World–and that’s putting it mildly–and at the Daily Outsider we’ve been “Virtually breathless”.      Of course, having a tape of @realDonaldTrump was the “icing” on the cake–I’ll let what Fox is so keen to call it “MainStream Media” run with it–as the rest of the so-called Resistance will continue down its’ efforts–why Donald Trump called for a second summit after the disastrous first summit is something that is just baffling to me–although the Secretary of State seems to support it.

One of the key other areas is Iran which I have been assessing throughout the week–I have tried to be optimistic as I see increased protests throughout the Country and have been noting how #WeWillReClaimIran.    The Secretary of State is due to speak in Simi Valley over the Week-End–I sent out a few Tweets tagging the Secretary of State which I hope is picked up by his staff.     This is as another dilemma continues to emerge about the true realities that seems    One of the most profound dilemmas as a result of the dysfunction in Washington is how China and Europe are coming Together as this from the Economist clearly shows:

Even as Donald Trump met Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, another important gathering was under way in Beijing, where Chinese and EU leaders gathered for an annual summit. China has long regarded the American-led rules-based order as a means to contain its rise. Yet this week President Xi Jinping and his team agreed, in effect, that the one thing worse than an American led world is one with no rules at all. It is now finding common ground with the EU