I decided to begin the month with two brief “Random Thoughts” (which the team at the Daily Outsider was gracious enough to allow me to use)) in my corner here in Word Press.    Trust is a beautiful thing to have as I thought this from Randy Crowley I first picked up last week (and is a must read for me)) was so timely and I hereby present it below (and yes I love the image He had above I’ve headlined:

Even In This Cynical World, Trust Is Worth It

by Randy Conley

You’ve been betrayed by people you trusted and it has shaken you to the core. Time and time again you’ve opened yourself to the risk of trusting, only to be disappointed repeatedly. You’re hurt and bruised; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and maybe even physically. You question if trust is worth it.

You’re trapped in a downward spiral of distrust. Doubt and suspicion permeate your relationships, causing you to keep others at arm’s length. You fall further into states of anxiety, fear, and self-protection, until the only solution you see is to build walls around yourself to keep the pain out. It works. Your walls keep the pain out, but trap the loneliness inside. You question if trust is worth it.

You know that life without trust is unfulfilling and you want more. You deserve more. The safety, strength, freedom, joy, and happiness that comes with trust is waiting for you, so you resolve to try again. Baby steps perhaps, but you will start again. You believe that trust is worth it.


People have to begin to trust again–whether, in fact, they do is another issue especially in light of this I ran across about Cyber Bullying as I decided to share this resource cyber bullying as I begin a new month here in my own WordPress Corner as the on-going work at hand in the Daily Outsider–some interesting advise in light of the on-going engagement on Twitter by President Trump..

U.S. Department of Homeland Security US-CERT

Onward to September!!!
Source: https://www.us-cert.gov/ncas/current-activity/2018/08/28/FTC-Promotes-Resources-Prevent-Cyberbullying