One of the must reads for me as part of my on-going work in support of the Daily Outsider and my on-going research is Gates Notes.   I just picked this up which I wanted to note for my weekly Out & About  here in my WordPress Corner:

This trend worries Melinda and me
By Bill Gates
What I learned from a teacher of refugees
As a regular reader of the Gates Notes, you’ve probably noticed how often I write about being an optimist. When I look at the world—especially efforts to improve people’s health and fight poverty—I see that life is getting better.
But lately I’ve been watching a trend that concerns me. The number of extremely poor people in the world may stop dropping and might even start going back up. And poverty is becoming much more concentrated: By the middle of this century, 40 percent of people in extreme poverty will live in just two countries, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Today, Melinda and I are releasing a new report—Goalkeepers 2018—that explains these challenges and what to do about them. Along with our introduction, there’s an impressive lineup of experts and advocates who contributed inspiring essays on family planning, education, HIV, and agriculture. They write about the data that reveal these big trends, and they tell the stories behind the data.
Looking over the finished report, I couldn’t help feeling better about the future—especially if the world invests in creating opportunities for young people. If you read the report, I think you’ll feel the same way.
Read more about the Goalkeepers report and download it
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