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It has been a challenging Month So far–and it is not even over as I write this!!

I picked this up that I wonder if the State Department truly understands as the World seeks to go beyond the United States due to the President’s Moves…..

Challenging times indeed….as I did want to “book-end” it on this cute note with what I picked up–because I continue to remain optimistic in spite of it all!!

As the US tries to keep countries such as India from dealing with Iran and Russia, it is driving more and more countries to seek alternatives to the US dollar, threatening the dollar’s hegemony, says Vijay Prashad

Source: Unintended Consequences: US Sanctions on Russia and Iran Weaken Dollar’s Rule

Some True Food For thought…

10 years since the financial crash we’ve learned that there exists in the US not just one economy, but many, as well as many kinds of economic actors. From platform cooperatives to cryptocurrency, people are continuously building economic alternatives. So says Nathan Schneider, crusader for collective ownership and author of “Everything for Everyone: the Radical Tradition That Is Shaping The Next Economy.”

Source: Laura Flanders Show: The Next Economy

What a week it has been!!!

While in my “Word Press Corner” saw this as I am Working away &  picked this up–Professor Turley has quite a way of putting things:

…If John Kerry was swift boated in 2004, the GOP appears to be Swift voted in 2016. In a measure of the power of celebrity status in our culture, Taylor Swift has reportedly caused a massive registration after she endorsed Tennessee Democrats. For the GOP hoping for a “Brett bounce” of Republicans going to the…

via Taylor Swift Votes The GOP — JONATHAN TURLEY

Out & About….

It has been quite a year so far–as we begin the final three months.    As a new quarter dawns, I saw this from one of my must reads on Word Press–although the manner in which Professor Turley noted it is of concern–especially as such who profess to be “Islamic” are in fact not–It is important to read the writings and listen to the speeches by some of the thinkers such as Mohsen Kadivar–who teaches at Duke (and spent some time in the dungeons of the Islamic Republic of Iran ) to see the true face of Islam as a Faith.   What happened in the Maldives was tragic–just as the fascists in Afghanistan destroyed 6000 years of history by blowing up the Buddha Statutes…

Here are his opening thoughts on it:

The intolerance of art and free expression in many Islamic countries was particularly and painfully evident in the Maldives last week. A beautiful and powerful underwater sculpture by British artist Jason DeCaires Taylor was ordered destroyed by the government after objections by Islamic leaders for its depiction of human forms. Ironically, the art highlighted the dire risk […]

via Maldives Destroys Famed Art Piece As UnIslamic — JONATHAN TURLEY