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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 

The Chinese have a saying:  May we live in interesting times.   We sure are, aren’t we?

The House Democrats Efforts to investigate the President has been blocked repeatedly by President Trump.   As Professor Turley’s thoughts are always a must read for me, I find his stance on it interesting-to say the least–especially with his latest as he cast doubt on some of the determinations regarding a potential impeachment against the President.   The President went after Justin Amash, the House Republican Member from Michigan–calling him Light Weight, etc.–I can’t help but wonder if he’s done nothing wrong, why he and the rest of the enablers are so nervous.

As I close out this with this on Professor Turley’s Views on Impeachment, I am also profoundly concerned about a potential conflict with Iran.    After toning down the rhehtoric, there was another tweet from President Trump (and all have realized by now that the Tweets reflect the President’s Thinking) on saying any threats will mean the end of Iran–never mind the 85 Million Iranians that have been held hostage by the Facist Cult–Profound challenging Times..


Democrats, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have been hitting the airways to declare that the evidence of impeachable acts by President Donald Trump is not only clearly established by the Special Counsel Report but additional impeachable acts are unfolding every day. 322 more words

via Report: Democrats Hold Closed Door Caucus Rejecting Impeachment Move . . . Without A Single Dissenting Voice — JONATHAN TURLEY Deals & Discounts Insider featuredLet’s Celebrate Military Appreciation Month as we mark a series of important military dates and anniversaries, including Memorial Day.

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