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It has been quite a quarter and quite a year!!   The “labor of love” I helped launch, The Daily Outsider, got some life inserted to it with Google Chose it as part of the Google News Initiative.    There were challenges too–but the spirit exemplified by what I’ve headlined underscores my sense of optimism–I do admit, sometimes, wonder if that optimism is not in vain!!

It has also been quite a week on the political scene with the Democratic Debates–it is still a long way out–but it will be fascinating to be witness and be engaged.   I “kind of” overdid it on Twitter and got blocked and had to re-validate myself but couldn’t help it because all of the President’s supporters were on a Twitter War Footing–which is cool.     I also spent the last two weeks in support of the case of Nazanin Zargari-Ratcliffe as she is on a 14-day hunger strike in Iran and her husband has been as well in front of the Iranian Embassy in London.    In the meantime, the Iranian Government and the 4 Remaining parties in the JCPOA are trying to get a new deal going to avoid Iran going Nuclear.   What I find so tragic is this:  For a Country that cannot supply basic goods to its’ citizens, where over half the population is living under the official poverty line, Line (according to the half-baked Government )–why this insistence on Nuclear Power?   That’s a different question for a different day.

As I finish off these thoughts, I picked up this from Professor Turley on Justice Gorsuch.   He was President Trump’s first nominee to the US Supreme Court–and I personally have many times assailed the US Senate Majority Leader on it.    But I also noted that Justice Gorsuch may prove to be a bit of a surprise–and this from Professor Turley lays out a very interesting argument:

Below is my column on the end of the Supreme Court term and the one outstanding piece of business: an apology to Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch. After this column ran, Gorsuch again voted with the liberal justices on a critical due process issue. He has already carved out a principled legacy on the Court that…

via Washington Owes Neil Gorsuch An Apology — JONATHAN TURLEY

I wish all a fab 4th of July as I say–July & Q3 here we come!!!!


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Source: Freed Lebanese national Nizar Zakka arrives in Beirut from Iran

It is June and the 75th Anniversary of D-Day is before us.     I captured this while working away on commitments for the Daily Outsider to remember:

I pray for the day that we have the courage to say #NoMoreWar–to outlaw the most malignant of human creations as noted by General MacArthur.     #WeWillNeverForget.