I have been “kind of dark” here in my WordPress corner for about a month as I have been busy with projects for the Daily Outsider including working on a Beta Site from one of the platforms available at https://beta.thedailyoutsider.com .    I was blown away by the prose of Eli Faras here on what is going on in Lebanon.  It is a beautiful country–if only it was enlightened with deserving enlightened leaders.   When I released a Tweet on it based on the reviews I do for the Daily Outsider on whether this can be the dawn of Arab Spring II, I thought what Elie Faras noted on it being the WhatsApp Revolution was more appropriate–I am in awe as to how the people of Lebanon have risen up to say enough is enough:

My heart broke two days ago when I saw my home country burn, quite literally, in front of our eyes. As firefighters and regular people alike risked their lives to save our forests and homes from turning to ashes, it seemed fitting that a country whose course was scorching earth culminated that way. The fire […]

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