I normally release a monthly thought here–but the tragedy in Lebanon is just beyond the pale–as now the ruling class in Lebanon is doing this–I add my voice to help pass this on–and this is as I have seen reports over the past 24 hrs about Hezbollah bigwigs being jetted off to Tehran–what I find so irritating is how as workers have not been paid in months, COVID-19 continues to rage on in the country, the regime sent forth field hospitals and planes and pledged support as the disregard shown to force college and graduate students to take entrance exams (over 500,000 people) was done.

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I don’t know where to even start.

I wanted to write about how Joe Akiki’s mom broke my heart. How Sahar Fares’ funeral tore me to pieces. How little Alexandra’s face, next to her glass, as they announced that she passed was so full of life, gone too soon.

But I am still angry. And right now, I’m even angrier.

The blog may have been retired for a while. But today, I want to use whatever reach it has left to say one message: The Lebanese government is killing us. Right now. Blocking aid, blocking rescue teams, arresting journalists.

You don’t believe me? Well, here’s a French medical team saying they were ready to head to Lebanon tomorrow when they were notified by the Lebanese government they were no longer needed:

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