As I write this, people have taken to the street in Beirut. Yes these names must be remembered–because they died through no fault of their own–and yes the current cabale in charge in Lebanon must be swept out–I know Lebanon will rise again like the Phoenix–but truly enough is enough–and what really riled me up was Hassan Nassrallah and the image Nizar Zakah posted–that says it all.

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Look at their faces.

Say their names.

Think of their grieving mothers and fathers, their fatherless or motherless sons and daughters, their partner-less wives and husbands.

And be angry.

These are victims. These are people whose only fault was to be in a country whose criminals are in charge, whose politicians are so evil they don’t care about any of their lives.

Look at the names that are still unknown, whose families are still looking for them, hoping for life, and be angry.

Their death was preventable. Their lives getting cut short this way was not inevitable. The government must pay for its crimes.

1 Alexandra Najjar (3 years old)

2 Abdel Kader Bloso

3 Abdo Tanious Ata

4 Ahmad Mohammad Ameira

5 Ahmad Ibrahim Kaadan

6 Ali Abdo Ayoub

7 Ali Hussein Zeineddine

8 Ali Ismail El Sayed Chahata

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