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I have been “kind of dark” here in my WordPress corner for about a month as I have been busy with projects for the Daily Outsider including working on a Beta Site from one of the platforms available at .    I was blown away by the prose of Eli Faras here on what is going on in Lebanon.  It is a beautiful country–if only it was enlightened with deserving enlightened leaders.   When I released a Tweet on it based on the reviews I do for the Daily Outsider on whether this can be the dawn of Arab Spring II, I thought what Elie Faras noted on it being the WhatsApp Revolution was more appropriate–I am in awe as to how the people of Lebanon have risen up to say enough is enough:

My heart broke two days ago when I saw my home country burn, quite literally, in front of our eyes. As firefighters and regular people alike risked their lives to save our forests and homes from turning to ashes, it seemed fitting that a country whose course was scorching earth culminated that way. The fire […]

via Lebanon Burned. And Now It May Rise — A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

It is   Labor Day as I write this here in my WordPress  and picked this up courtesy of Professor Turley.

I am at a loss as well as one simple member of the OrdinaryFaces to see the extent of what the Trump Administration is going to war against Earth–This is not about being left or right or whatever that The President’s enablers and apologists think–it is about Earth (especially as fires burn throughout the World).    We are getting warmer and yet the Administration DOES not do a thing.       I commend Professor Turley for noting this–it seems as if the lights are out in Washington–such does not make American Great Again:

As many of you know, I have been a staunch critic of President Trump’s anti-environmental policies from relaxing pollution standards to abandoning climate change efforts. This includes this week methane rollbacks that are so severe and dangerous that even industry is objecting. However, I remain astonished by the scope and depth of these harmful policies. […]

via Trump Moves To Log Tongass National Forest — JONATHAN TURLEY

FREEAugust is upon us–and as I rush to get ready for Augsut, I ran across this which was a very nice personal “book-end” for monthly “food 4 thought” here in My  Personal WordPress Corner as also in another corner of WordPress the new Beta Site for The Daily Outsider is being worked on and is now “live” for visits and feedback–Hope all can check it out  by visting https// 

Never a dull moment as I say August 2019, here we come as I close out this with a thought from Madiba especially in light of some of the challenges at hand we were witness to over the past few weeks!!!

Dr. John Gottman is world-renowned for his work on marital stability and is one of the top thought leaders in the field of marital therapy and psychology. Much of his research and writing focuses on the behavioral patterns that formulate healthy relationships, and conversely, the behaviors that destroy them. Through his research, he has been […]

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It has been quite a quarter and quite a year!!   The “labor of love” I helped launch, The Daily Outsider, got some life inserted to it with Google Chose it as part of the Google News Initiative.    There were challenges too–but the spirit exemplified by what I’ve headlined underscores my sense of optimism–I do admit, sometimes, wonder if that optimism is not in vain!!

It has also been quite a week on the political scene with the Democratic Debates–it is still a long way out–but it will be fascinating to be witness and be engaged.   I “kind of” overdid it on Twitter and got blocked and had to re-validate myself but couldn’t help it because all of the President’s supporters were on a Twitter War Footing–which is cool.     I also spent the last two weeks in support of the case of Nazanin Zargari-Ratcliffe as she is on a 14-day hunger strike in Iran and her husband has been as well in front of the Iranian Embassy in London.    In the meantime, the Iranian Government and the 4 Remaining parties in the JCPOA are trying to get a new deal going to avoid Iran going Nuclear.   What I find so tragic is this:  For a Country that cannot supply basic goods to its’ citizens, where over half the population is living under the official poverty line, Line (according to the half-baked Government )–why this insistence on Nuclear Power?   That’s a different question for a different day.

As I finish off these thoughts, I picked up this from Professor Turley on Justice Gorsuch.   He was President Trump’s first nominee to the US Supreme Court–and I personally have many times assailed the US Senate Majority Leader on it.    But I also noted that Justice Gorsuch may prove to be a bit of a surprise–and this from Professor Turley lays out a very interesting argument:

Below is my column on the end of the Supreme Court term and the one outstanding piece of business: an apology to Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch. After this column ran, Gorsuch again voted with the liberal justices on a critical due process issue. He has already carved out a principled legacy on the Court that…

via Washington Owes Neil Gorsuch An Apology — JONATHAN TURLEY

I wish all a fab 4th of July as I say–July & Q3 here we come!!!!


Out & About….

Source: Freed Lebanese national Nizar Zakka arrives in Beirut from Iran

It is June and the 75th Anniversary of D-Day is before us.     I captured this while working away on commitments for the Daily Outsider to remember:

I pray for the day that we have the courage to say #NoMoreWar–to outlaw the most malignant of human creations as noted by General MacArthur.     #WeWillNeverForget.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 

The Chinese have a saying:  May we live in interesting times.   We sure are, aren’t we?

The House Democrats Efforts to investigate the President has been blocked repeatedly by President Trump.   As Professor Turley’s thoughts are always a must read for me, I find his stance on it interesting-to say the least–especially with his latest as he cast doubt on some of the determinations regarding a potential impeachment against the President.   The President went after Justin Amash, the House Republican Member from Michigan–calling him Light Weight, etc.–I can’t help but wonder if he’s done nothing wrong, why he and the rest of the enablers are so nervous.

As I close out this with this on Professor Turley’s Views on Impeachment, I am also profoundly concerned about a potential conflict with Iran.    After toning down the rhehtoric, there was another tweet from President Trump (and all have realized by now that the Tweets reflect the President’s Thinking) on saying any threats will mean the end of Iran–never mind the 85 Million Iranians that have been held hostage by the Facist Cult–Profound challenging Times..


Democrats, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have been hitting the airways to declare that the evidence of impeachable acts by President Donald Trump is not only clearly established by the Special Counsel Report but additional impeachable acts are unfolding every day. 322 more words

via Report: Democrats Hold Closed Door Caucus Rejecting Impeachment Move . . . Without A Single Dissenting Voice — JONATHAN TURLEY Deals & Discounts Insider featuredLet’s Celebrate Military Appreciation Month as we mark a series of important military dates and anniversaries, including Memorial Day.

Source: Military Appreciation Month

For this monthly contribution here in my WordPress Corner, I chose this courtesy of regarding  ‘Photo from the set of the film "The 11th Order," which opens in theaters on May 20th, 2019. (Matt Valenzuela, Illume Multimedia)The 11th Order,’ a short film chronicling the selfless heroism of two Marines in Iraq, gets its first screening in May.

Source: New Film Pays Tribute to Marines Who Stopped Truck Bomb Attack in Ramadi



Spring is in the air–and I wanted to feature the second of two features I decided to showcase  here in my WordPress Corner for the month–the advise he gives is absolutely paramount for success as a leader–some lessons to be learnt by us all!!!

I recently spent time at Alcatraz…as a tourist, of course. The old federal penitentiary hasn’t housed prisoners since 1963. As a history nerd it was fascinating to walk the same halls as some of the world’s most famous criminals like Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly, and Robert Stroud, the “birdman” of Alcatraz. Some of the […]

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