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I normally release a monthly thought here–but the tragedy in Lebanon is just beyond the pale–as now the ruling class in Lebanon is doing this–I add my voice to help pass this on–and this is as I have seen reports over the past 24 hrs about Hezbollah bigwigs being jetted off to Tehran–what I find so irritating is how as workers have not been paid in months, COVID-19 continues to rage on in the country, the regime sent forth field hospitals and planes and pledged support as the disregard shown to force college and graduate students to take entrance exams (over 500,000 people) was done.

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

I don’t know where to even start.

I wanted to write about how Joe Akiki’s mom broke my heart. How Sahar Fares’ funeral tore me to pieces. How little Alexandra’s face, next to her glass, as they announced that she passed was so full of life, gone too soon.

But I am still angry. And right now, I’m even angrier.

The blog may have been retired for a while. But today, I want to use whatever reach it has left to say one message: The Lebanese government is killing us. Right now. Blocking aid, blocking rescue teams, arresting journalists.

You don’t believe me? Well, here’s a French medical team saying they were ready to head to Lebanon tomorrow when they were notified by the Lebanese government they were no longer needed:

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He’s one of the most perceptive observers of Lebanon-It is an honor yet again to feature him here in my Corner at WordPress as my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Lebanon today and as I hope all consider making a donation to the Lebanese Red Cross.

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

I was at my office, having just seen a couple patients in clinic, when my friend Elia texts me: “there’s been an explosion at the Beirut port, check on your family.”

I had seen pictures of it on Twitter, affixed to the speculation that it was fireworks related. I didn’t think much of it until I saw a video in which a mushroom cloud ballooned over the port’s hangars, and expanded, taking everything in its wake. In the space of less than thirty seconds, the city where I grew up was essentially no more.

I was lucky to have been able to get in touch with my family right away. They were physically safe, but I wasn’t too sure about their mental state. My brother was in a daze. The apartment…

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The 100-Day Countdown has begun.   I decided to do a “special” in my corner here in WordPress to get things going as I underscore a simple point:  Please Vote!!!

Source: Public Display – Official Voter Information Guide | California Secretary of State

A Profound Thought….

We in America have been dealing with how to think about a post-racial World & a Post-COVID World. I decided to revisit this and share it here in my WordPress Corner.

The simple and powerful words resonates is ever so now–There should be no small thinking and horrible ideas. I know that #WeShallOvercome. We have got to.

Evin PrisonI am working away as I wanted to use my notation here in my WordPress corner to briefly reflect upon the situation in Iran as I caught this on the plight of the Civic Activist Saba Kord Afshari–who’s been sentenced to 24 years and just celebrated her second birthday in Prison.  I also joined earlier a Tweetstrom to be supportive of another young activisit, Atena Daemi–who was supposed to be released yesterday and got convicted of trumped-up charges.

This is as COVID-19 is wrecking havoc.   People are left on their own–and it is heartbreaking to be listening as the Government simply does not care.  I  am also listening to reports right now about a potential Chernobyl-Type situation with the explosion of Iran’s Nuclear Facility.   This is as the value of Iran’s currency has collapsed.

I wanted to remember Saba Kord Afshari today as I commend the The Team at HRNA for this write up they did last month–her father’s Video Message was heartbreaking to listen to:

“….a civil activist who is currently imprisoned in Evin Prison, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for “promoting corruption”, a charge of which she was previously acquitted. Her lawyer has expressed his concerns regarding her acquittal which was communicated to her in prison, emphasizing the unlawful proceedings of her case. […]

Source: Saba Kord Afshari was sentenced to extra 15 years of imprisonment despite being acquitted

Thought 4 the Week

Some “Food 4 thought” to Share as a new Month Dawns!!!!

Onward to July 🙂

Ask yourself this question: If I gave my employees a choice between receiving a pay raise or me becoming a better boss, which would they choose? Chances are you’d probably say your employees would choose a pay raise, right? I mean, after all, who wouldn’t want more money? Taking a few liberties with the classic […]

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It has been quite a month and quite a year in our World.     I ran across a blast from the past which I wanted to share here in my WordPress corner–this was a film by the Iranian Actress and Producer Nikki Karimi–the scenes captured here are from my old school In Iran–it brought back a lot of great memories on this Fathers’ Day 2020–and the class in which the classroom was taken I believe was where I had my class–wow!!!  Here is the link to the whole Movie: 

I also achieved a milestone today–Thank you WordPress for giving this ordinary face an opportunity to be part of the Community and doing what I can to make a difference:

12 Year Anniversary Achievement

Happy Anniversary with!

You registered on 12 years ago.Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

While out & about, I ran across this courtesy the team at Purdue–we have profound challenges ahead as we continue to think about a post-covid World:

Unemployment due to COVID-19 could eat into voter turnout, Purdue economist says

As I work away, I wanted to report on some #RandomThoughts as our Post-Covid World begins to take shape:


As I have been thinking about our current challenges, the thought from Babe Ruth came to my mind which I released to my Personal Twitter Feed yesterday as all of us have been dealing with #LifeInTheTimeofCorona.   Here in my Community, we have had to deal with it and start thinking about the aftermath.   It is just challenging, for instance, where I have to visit my parents while having a mask, maintaining social distance and not visit my sister is in and of itself painful–but it is a pain that has to be endured because Babe Ruth reminded us of it.

For my periodic contributions to my corner here in WordPress I decided to share this about a great resource as I know #WeWillGetThroughThis:—COVID-19.html?soid=1011205027523&aid=1FqTPT0tV4k