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One of the must reads for me as part of my on-going work in support of the Daily Outsider and my on-going research is Gates Notes.   I just picked this up which I wanted to note for my weekly Out & About  here in my WordPress Corner:

This trend worries Melinda and me
By Bill Gates
What I learned from a teacher of refugees
As a regular reader of the Gates Notes, you’ve probably noticed how often I write about being an optimist. When I look at the world—especially efforts to improve people’s health and fight poverty—I see that life is getting better.
But lately I’ve been watching a trend that concerns me. The number of extremely poor people in the world may stop dropping and might even start going back up. And poverty is becoming much more concentrated: By the middle of this century, 40 percent of people in extreme poverty will live in just two countries, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Today, Melinda and I are releasing a new report—Goalkeepers 2018—that explains these challenges and what to do about them. Along with our introduction, there’s an impressive lineup of experts and advocates who contributed inspiring essays on family planning, education, HIV, and agriculture. They write about the data that reveal these big trends, and they tell the stories behind the data.
Looking over the finished report, I couldn’t help feeling better about the future—especially if the world invests in creating opportunities for young people. If you read the report, I think you’ll feel the same way.
Read more about the Goalkeepers report and download it
Thanks for being a Gates Notes Insider.

I decided to begin the month with two brief “Random Thoughts” (which the team at the Daily Outsider was gracious enough to allow me to use)) in my corner here in Word Press.    Trust is a beautiful thing to have as I thought this from Randy Crowley I first picked up last week (and is a must read for me)) was so timely and I hereby present it below (and yes I love the image He had above I’ve headlined:

Even In This Cynical World, Trust Is Worth It

by Randy Conley

You’ve been betrayed by people you trusted and it has shaken you to the core. Time and time again you’ve opened yourself to the risk of trusting, only to be disappointed repeatedly. You’re hurt and bruised; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and maybe even physically. You question if trust is worth it.

You’re trapped in a downward spiral of distrust. Doubt and suspicion permeate your relationships, causing you to keep others at arm’s length. You fall further into states of anxiety, fear, and self-protection, until the only solution you see is to build walls around yourself to keep the pain out. It works. Your walls keep the pain out, but trap the loneliness inside. You question if trust is worth it.

You know that life without trust is unfulfilling and you want more. You deserve more. The safety, strength, freedom, joy, and happiness that comes with trust is waiting for you, so you resolve to try again. Baby steps perhaps, but you will start again. You believe that trust is worth it.


People have to begin to trust again–whether, in fact, they do is another issue especially in light of this I ran across about Cyber Bullying as I decided to share this resource cyber bullying as I begin a new month here in my own WordPress Corner as the on-going work at hand in the Daily Outsider–some interesting advise in light of the on-going engagement on Twitter by President Trump..

U.S. Department of Homeland Security US-CERT

Onward to September!!!

This is Labor Day WeekEnd here in the United States.    The idea of socialism, capitalism and all the challenges is as old as America itself.    Corey Robin always has a way of putting things that’s simple, yet to the point.   While being “out & about” I wanted to share this as he released it to his blog as our World continues its’ challenges all around the World:

It begins as follows as I wish all the most joyous of weeks , for all in the United States a restful Labor Day Week-End and a great September ahead.

“…The New York Times asked me to write something on socialism and its current appeal. I did, and it’s running as this weekend’s cover story in The Sunday Review. Here are some brief excerpts: The socialist argument against capitalism isn’t that it makes us poor. It’s that it makes us unfree. When my well-being depends…

via Freedom and Socialism — Corey Robin

I’m on the prowl It has been quite a twenty four hours in our World as President Trump revoked the security clearance of the Former Director of the CIA, John Brennan.  The letter was dated July 26!!

What Professor Turley noted in his latest write up captures some of the key challenges out there–and yes I am with him that Executive Privilege will ultimately prevail–but the challenge is that this is not Iran and America will be ill-served by Yes-Men —Stephen Colbert also captured it brilliantly as well especially as there was clearly an attempt to change the conversation after a few days of bad press thanks to Omarosa.

Here are his thoughts on it:

“…In a controversial  move, President Donald Trump has revoked the security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan and ordered the review of other officials who all share one obvious distinguishing characteristic: they are all fierce critics of Trump. The move has been widely condemned as Nixonian and amounting to a black or enemies […]

via Trump Revokes Clearance Of John Brennan and Orders Review Of Other Former Officials — JONATHAN TURLEY


As I work away, I picked this up courtesy of the team at Muftah as I congratulate them on the work they’re doing and having introduced “Membership”.    This is from Iran about a new Museum dedicated to the Iran-Iraq War–I respectfully disgree with the author’s contention about it being a “footnote” as half a million Dead is never a footnote–here is the beginning for it

“….Iran has learned vital lessons from the brutal Iran-Iraq War. But has the US, which backed Iraq then and is now determined to promote regime change in Iran?….”

Source: Iran’s Own Never Forget, Never Again Mantra

It has been quite a week in our World–and that’s putting it mildly–and at the Daily Outsider we’ve been “Virtually breathless”.      Of course, having a tape of @realDonaldTrump was the “icing” on the cake–I’ll let what Fox is so keen to call it “MainStream Media” run with it–as the rest of the so-called Resistance will continue down its’ efforts–why Donald Trump called for a second summit after the disastrous first summit is something that is just baffling to me–although the Secretary of State seems to support it.

One of the key other areas is Iran which I have been assessing throughout the week–I have tried to be optimistic as I see increased protests throughout the Country and have been noting how #WeWillReClaimIran.    The Secretary of State is due to speak in Simi Valley over the Week-End–I sent out a few Tweets tagging the Secretary of State which I hope is picked up by his staff.     This is as another dilemma continues to emerge about the true realities that seems    One of the most profound dilemmas as a result of the dysfunction in Washington is how China and Europe are coming Together as this from the Economist clearly shows:

Even as Donald Trump met Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, another important gathering was under way in Beijing, where Chinese and EU leaders gathered for an annual summit. China has long regarded the American-led rules-based order as a means to contain its rise. Yet this week President Xi Jinping and his team agreed, in effect, that the one thing worse than an American led world is one with no rules at all. It is now finding common ground with the EU

It has been a challenging week to say the least.   For this week, while being “On the Prowl”, I decided to feature this courtesy of Professor Turley–It was so appropriate in light of President Trump’s horrific European Tour, his disastrous press conference with Vladimir Putin and his abysmal attempt to “clean it all up”:  

As many of you know, I am a history nut and I could not ignore the 100th anniversary of the murder of the entire Romanov family on July 17, 1918. It is an ironic anniversary after the disastrous meeting of President Donald Trump in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin. There are perils to trusting […]

via A Bad Week For Trusting Russian Leaders — JONATHAN TURLEY

As the new week dawns, I picked this up courtesy of Success Magazine which is a nice way to help begin a reasonably “quiet” week” :

Source: You’re Killing It! 15 Quotes for an Unstoppable Attitude

It is another day in the reality TV show that is the Trump Presidency.   President Trump has announced his pick–someone who has argued for nearly unchecked Executive Power, has been against Abortion and has also written against the Affordable Care Act.  Corey Robin’s beautiful historical analogy was worth noting which I hereby note while being “out & about” in my “WordPress Corner”…

Profound challenging times indeed….

During the Roosevelt Administration, they were known as the Four Horsemen (of the Apocalypse). They were Justices Butler, McReynolds, Sutherland, and Van Devanter. They voted, again and again, against the New Deal. This is what they looked like. Tonight, with Trump’s choice of Brett Kavanaugh, we have the Five Horsemen. They are Chief Justice Roberts…

via The Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse — Corey Robin

It has been quite a week–and that’s putting it mildly as I was knee-deep in supporting the Work of the Daily Outsider & Other Projects.   It is bound to be quite a summer as well.

There has been a frenzy of analysis over the retirement of Justice Kennedy–and for the record, his record is almost 90% conservative–and yes he’s the least of the Reagan Appointees.    There are a lot of political give-and-takes as all sides gear up.     The retiring Justice himself noted it as such:  The Cases “Turn”…I don’t!!

Professor Turley was busy like many other pundits reflecting upon this as he noted this about embracing the ideals–something that Justice Kennedy himself noted in the closing concurring opinion upholding the Travel Ban.    I am with Professor Turley that the disgraceful Korematsu decision was finally relegated to the dustbin of history–but the travel ban though is in and of itself another legacy that the Court may have to contend with especially as it continues to tilt towards the Right both at the Supreme Court and as the President continues busily filling judgeships–interesting times indeed as June 2018 drifts away and July is before us.

Wishing all in the US a safe & happy 4th as I leave you all w/this from Professor Turley….

–For decades, law professors have discussed the 1944 decision in Korematsu v. United States as one of the most disgraceful and indefensible opinions ever issued by the United States Supreme Court. Yet, the Court has continued to cite Korematsu and has never expressly disavowed its denial of basic constitutional rights to Japanese Americans. In a virtual […]

via The Long Overdue Death of Korematsu v. United States — JONATHAN TURLEY