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As a Photographer and Video Essay Producer, I am always blown away by such creativity.   As I “go dark” in my corner here in WordPress through the end of the month,  this is the first of two “views” that is a pleasure to share as I say: Onward to the final three months of the year!!!



by Kim Vergil Artist: Kim Vergil I can remember my dreams all the way back to my childhood and now, paying attention to and working with my night dreams has changed the way I see life and my creative process. I am a Mixed Media artist working and living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Using […]

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It has been quite an interesting day & quite a challenging week int hea aftermath of Irma with Jose still lurking around in the Atlantic.

The Russia Story, though, is just not going away.   I decided to pick this for my “word press corner” for this “View of the Week” as also Rachel Maddow reported on it as I am seeing worrying reports about Mueller being blocked from interviewing key witnesses: :

This is striking!!

Broadly speaking, Flynn may be able to resist a subpoena compelling him to offer testimony that is the subject of Flynn’s valid assertion of a Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Source: Q&A with Andy Wright on Flynn, Subpoenas and “Privileged Information”



I was “on the Prowl” as I picked this up from Professor Turley as he once again lays out the stark choices before the Executive as the battle over the “Dreamers” (who are now in limbo) in the aftermath of President Trump’s decision to rescind the Obama Executive Order granting the kids temporary reprieve…

Never a dull moment, no doubt in our political world as I have come to realize as the journey continues!!

Wishing all a fab W-End 🙂  


Below is my column in USA Today on the role that statements from both President Barack Obama and Donald Trump could feature greatly in the unfolding litigation over the rescinding of the #DACA order. Ironically, it will be the opposing sides relying on the respective statements from these presidents. Here is the column.

via Executive Authority: How Presidential Statements Could Undermine Both Sides In The Litigation Over DACA — JONATHAN TURLEY

#Irma is wrecking havoc in the Caribbean.     The scenes in Florida with empty shelves, boarded up houses and the aftermath of what #Irma did to the Caribbean Islands was devastating.    This is as Texas and Louisiana are beginning the recovery effort.

It was a welcome development as I saw swift approval in the House on what The President deemed a “down payment” on Harvey reconstruction as I tended to commitments at the Daily Outsider.   However, the broader question of Climate Crisis is ever so critical–that’s what I picked up as just sent out by the team at the Climate Reality Project (founded by Al Gore) is noted as it also provides a primer on organizations helping.:

Become a Climate Reality Leader in Pittsburgh October 17-19.


Our hearts are heavy and our thoughts are with everyone affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. It’s nearly impossible to grasp the weight of these natural disasters, which will be felt for years to come.

Just days after one of the most destructive storms in our nation’s history dropped more than 50 inches of rain on parts of Texas, another historic storm, Hurricane Irma, has already devastated portions of the Leeward and Virgin Islands and is expected to make landfall in the southeastern US this weekend. Hurricane Irma is the strongest hurricane on record in the Atlantic basin, outside of the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico.

This is why the climate crisis is ultimately a human issue – because our health, our livelihoods, and our homes are directly impacted by the changes happening in our environment.

So, what do Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have to do with climate change?

The climate crisis intensifies the impact of hurricanes. Here’s how:

1. By adding fuel to the fire, climate change makes hurricanes more devastating. As sea surface temperatures become warmer because of climate change, hurricanes can become more powerful and cause more damage and loss of life.

2.  Climate change is linked to extreme rainfall (and therefore, flooding). As the world becomes warmer, more water evaporates from oceans (and other water bodies) into the air. Hurricanes tap into this moisture-enriched atmosphere and are capable of producing heavier precipitation, and this can result in more flooding when the hurricane approaches land.

3.  Sea-level rise caused by climate change can greatly increase the storm surge from hurricanes. With higher sea levels, storm surges are able to move further inland and can lead to more widespread and greater damage than they otherwise might.

Click here to see a list of organizations helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey. 

Devastating storms like Harvey and Irma remind us how critical it is to solve the climate crisis and do our part to help mitigate increasing future disasters. If you’d like to learn more about how the climate crisis affects hurricanes and what you can do to take action, visit our recent blog post, “Hurricane Harvey and Climate Change: Here Are the Facts.”

– Your friends at Climate Reality


September has gotten off to quite a start.    On this “mid-week” prowl, I picked this up as a positive note…

Source: How to Improve Your Life in 8 Steps

Some insightful analysis which I hope all enjoy as I wish all a fabulous September!!

As a natural process of a ship being in the water for extended periods of time, barnacles and other marine life grow and attach themselves to the ship’s hull. If left unattended, the barnacles can increase drag up to 60%. This can decrease speed by 10% and result in the ship using 40% more fuel. […]

via 7 Barnacles Creating Drag On Your Leadership Effectiveness — Leading with Trust

It is the eve of Labor Day W-End as I was on the prowl w/a morning review before “going dark”. What I saw on California that Professor Turley noted was intriguing.  California is a special case always–Diane Feinstein always has been interested in governing and making things work.   It will be interesting to see where the elections go–but Professor Turley makes an interesting case–although what fails to understand is the absolute disregard the President has shown for Constitutional Government shown by the Pardon he issued last week as laid out here:

and now with the ending of the DACA Program that Business Leaders have come out strongly for to be retained:

Challenging I wish all a great Labor Day W-End

There are any number of things that were expected to be raised by critics against the reelection of the senior California senator, Dianne Feinstein. There is her support for the death penalty or expansions of surveillance programs or her presumed knowledge of the torture program or her husband’s financial dealings. However, the thing that is galvanizing opposition […]

via Feinstein Faces Furious Opposition . . . After Calling For Patience Over Impeachment — JONATHAN TURLEY

I have been working away as I saw this implications on President Trump’s attack on the Media–he does not seem to realize his attacks as underscored by what the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights head Zeid said Trump’s comments embolden followers to attack certain communities

Source: Freedom of the press under attack from Trump: UN rights boss

Source: 12 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently

For this week’s “Thought 4 the week” here in my “Corner”, I decided to choose to feature an Iranian Opposition Figure–Mehdi Khazali. He is the son of a prominent Ayatollah who was one of the key stalwarts of the early years of the Iranian Revolution of 1979. He was detained after he had the courage to criticize Iran’s Judiciary by underscoring how inept and unjust the Justice System is–as he has also repeatedly criticized the corruption of the head of the Judiciary, Sadegh Larijani

This write-up from Dr. Khazali’s Instagram account (In Farsi) was written by his family. He has been in detention and went on a hunger strike–this is as his daughter got married and he was not there. I wanted to do my small part to help make sure that the valiant struggle of this soldier for truth and justice’s voice is heard:

. جان پدرمان در خطر است امروز دوازده روز است پدر در بازداشت بسر ميبرد ، دوازده روز است كه لب به آب و غذا نزده ، دوازده روز است كه خانواده ما در التهاب است. ديشب در عروسي ، نو عروس خانه ما مدام منتظر بود كه درب بازشود وپدر را بياورند تا دخترش را در لباس عروس ببيند. و اين انتظار سرانجامي نداشت و با گذشت زمان اميدمان كمتر ميشد ولي باورمان نميشد. پدر را از ديدن نو عروسش محروم كردند و عروس را از ديدار پدرش، نميدانيم مسئول كيست؟! اما ايا خودتان فرزند نداريد؟ شوق ديدن فرزندتان را در لباس عروس يا داماد نداريد؟ بنا نداشتيم نامه اي بنويسيم اما حق تعالي ميفرمايد: لا يحب الله الجهر بالسوء الا من ظلم بله ، خانواده ما مظلوم واقع شد،نه تنها پدرمان! پدرمان با در دست گرفتن جانش از همه چيزش گذشته است و ما هر لحظه با خود هزار فكر و خيال ميكنيم. ١٢ روز نخوردن و نياشاميدن يعني خطر هر لحظه سكته قلبي يا مغزي كردن،هر لحظه در كما رفتن. يعني هر لحظه احتمال از دست رفتن پدر! طبق گفته وكيل ايشان مدت محكوميت به پايان رسيده است و طبعا بازداشت ايشان غير قانوني است. از طرفي خبر هاي خوبي به گوشمان نميرسد. ايشان را در انفرادي نگه داشته اند! اگر اتفاقي براي ايشان رخ دهد ٤ دقيقه فرصت احيا وجود دارد اما به دليل انفرادي بودن كسي متوجه اتفاق نميشود،اگر هم شوند چندان فايده اي ندارد هيچ گونه تجهيزات پزشكي موجود نيست خانواده ما در هر لحظه فكر پدر است و اينكه اگر خداي ناكرده اتفاقي بيوفتد چه كسي مسئول است؟ حضرات آيات ، مراجع تقليد ، رهبري نظام، سران سه قوه، مسئولين كشور!جان پدرمان در خطر است. هر كس فرياد تظلم مارا بشنود و سكوت كند حجت بر او تمام شده است. ما خون پدرمان را نه معامله ميكنيم و نه پايمال و ما علينا الا البلاغ و عليه التكلان خانواده دكتر مهدي خزعلي

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