It has been quite a weekend as news has hit that the first charges are forthcoming in the Mueller Investigation and as the “Spin machine” in Washington is in full gear.  As our team is going to be “dark” this week at the Daily Outsider,  I’ll be seeing how things play out this week before formally commenting–the comments by Professor Turley, though, is still worth noting as the World awaits…

Onward to the New week and new month with all its’ possibilities!!!

Last night, the media was thrown into a frenzy with news that special counsel Robert Mueller has secured the first charges in his investigation into Russian election interference. Despite the fact that the name or names of those indicted have not been released and the specific charges were not disclosed, the report was heralded as […]

via Mueller’s Mountain Or Molehill? Prosecutors Mum on First Charges In Russian Investigation — JONATHAN TURLEY