It has been an interesting day to start the day as the Prime Minister of Lebanon resigned–while in Saudi Arabia.    Elie Fares  is one of the most perceptive bloggers on the Middle East Today and what he noted about the true reality in Lebanon is a must-read for anyone–and for those of us who know about the Hariri family–they owe everything to Saudi Arabia as she continues her  proxy war with Iran,  bullies Qatar while trying to show a “Moderate Face” to the World with recent pronouncements by the Crown Prince about his hope for a more “moderate Islam”.

Nothing says patriotism and Lebanese sovereignty as much as your own prime minister announcing his resignation, and subsequently a nail in the coffin of Lebanese governance, all the way from a foreign country, on one of their megaphone TVs nonetheless. Saad Hariri, who has been back as prime minister for nearly 11 months now, in […]

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