It has been an interesting and  busy Monday and it is not even over yet by any means!!   I have been reading up on the so called “tax plan” as I saw how those of us @ordinaryfaces are slated to be saddled with a Tax Increase and as the President called the tragedy in Texas a Mental Health Issue–not understanding that a  terrorist is a terrorist.  The President’s Son took to twitter to saw how “law-abiding” gun owners must be protected to muddy the issue and as Kelly Ann Conway again talked about how everyone has to “shut up” basically.   This is as I saw this on the “Paradise Papers” courtesy of the Center for Investigative Journalists-quite a read:


The Paradise Papers

Remember the Panama Papers? It was a massive 2015 document leak that exposed a system in which offshore companies enable crime and corruption. The Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation that followed, led by The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), was a collaboration among more than 100 newsrooms across the world. It led to a flurry of resignations and indictments and took down leaders in Iceland and Pakistan.

This week, Reveal journalists teamed up with ICIJ for a new bombshell: The Paradise Papers. 

This time around, the action is centered on more than 13 million confidential files leaked to Süddeutsche Zeitung and shared with the ICIJ’s global team of more than 300 journalists. Many of the confidential documents, emails and voicemails come from Appleby, a Bermuda-based law firm. The leaks shed light on how corporate giants move their cash from one offshore tax haven to another.

The Paradise Papers also raise questions about Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’ financial ties to Russian companies.

And they disclose how Facebook and Twitter received backing from Kremlin-controlled Russian banks. This comes at a time when the two tech giants are facing scrutiny by the U.S. Justice Department and Congress.

This global collaboration involves a team of journalists from 67 countries. Reveal is the first U.S. public radio show and podcast to tell the story through audio. Don’t miss this episode, and stay tuned for a series of partners’ text stories on our site in the coming days.



More on the Paradise Papers.

Meanwhile, there is a lot going on beyond the shores of the United States.    My  man Elie Faras once again takes to his blog to expose the profound state of affairs in Lebanon after Hariri’s Saudi Masters ordered him to resign plunging Lebanon into Chaos.   Why he resigned from Saudi Arabia is still baffling as Crown Prince Mohammad  continues his power move–a move that has rendered Yemen a failed state, has destroyed the Gulf Cooperation Council and has increased tensions with Iran:

The state of the Future Movement seems to be in full blown meltdown as even their ministers cannot keep face while being interviewed about the resignation of Saad Hariri on Thursday. Minister of Displaced Affairs Mouin Merhebi was being interviewed by NBN reporter Linda Meshleb earlier today when, after asking him about a meeting the […]

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